Río Plata instal·ladors solars menorca

Río de la Plata; Energy Autonomy in a Rural Environment in Menorca

Three-phase electrical system isolated from the electricity grid, consisting of a photovoltaic field installed on the ground, lithium batteries…


Adapting challenging roofs with custom solar solutions

Shared self-consumption to distribute energy among the various dwellings and direct self-consumption to cover the building's common consumptions

NZL Team Copa Amèrcia fotovoltaica

Sailing towards a green future: The NZL Team project at the Port of Barcelona

We've implemented engineering solutions to ensure the structure's resistance against wind forces.


Feasibility study trainings for municipal buildings in Morocco

The structure of the pergola is designed not only to be aesthetically pleasing, but also to optimize the absorption of sunlight

Portada pèrgola pamplona

Solar architecture comes to the Pueblo Nuevo neighborhood

The structure of the pergola is designed not only to be aesthetically pleasing, but also to optimize the absorption of sunlight

fotovoltaica càrnicas viper

Solar transformation of the meat industry in Menorca

A wide roof and high electrical consumption mean that these types of companies greatly benefit from the advantages of photovoltaic energy


Towards Internationalization with Acció 2023

This line of internationalization coupons offered to us through this project has allowed us to plan and execute our digital intervention,…


Driving Energy Transition in Gambia

Gambia, like many other countries, is facing the challenges of heavy reliance on fossil fuels for electricity generation, contributing to…


Flexible solar panels at the fishermen’s wharf in Barcelona

Our installers have assembled solar panels with peculiar characteristics: they are made with a light, flexible and easy-to-install organic…


Solar energy arrives to orphanage Casa do Gaiato

Mozambique is one of the countries with the least human development in the world. The war suffered in the 90s made the situation even worse. And…


Renewing Energies Women Driving Energy Transition

Training of 10 women for 4 months in a co-creation space adapted to the needs of companies or institutions interested in hiring the trained…

Formació-solidança energia solar

Training in photovoltaic installation maintenance

The Solidança training centre has committed to provide training on new photovoltaic technologies to create new job opportunities for…

Formació a l’escola de dones Fandema a Gàmbia

Training for the maintenance and installation of photovoltaic systems at the “Fandema” women’s school in Gambia

In its drive to transform Mbolo into a centre of excellence of Renewable Energy (Solar Technology) and gender inclusion in the sector, it was…

Funae-microxarxes elèctriques

Photovoltaic plants in Mozambique

As part of the efforts of the Government of Mozambique to increase access to electricity in rural areas, FUNAE – Energy Fund intends to use…


Rural community electrification with self-managed photovoltaic solar micro-grids in the Zanzan region, Côte d’Ivoire

The overall objective of the project is to provide a decentralised and sustainable basic electrification infrastructure to the inhabitants of…


Photovoltaic electrification project of the laboratory of the PHC Valentín de Pablo Bamako, Mali

The project provided solution in the shape of container fitted with photovoltaic equipment at the Primary Health Centre Valentín de Pablo de…


Micro-network at the Women’s Textile Cooperative and Douar School in Tanafelt, Morocco

Electrify the Douar nursery school and the women's textile cooperative building to improve the working and educational conditions of the women…


Guarantee the right to health in the community of Kotiakró in the global context of medical and climate emergency

To counteract the violation of the right to health, we proposed a project to improve access to health, focusing on the user community of the…

Energia solar centres salut rural Chefchaouen

Training, EERR, medical oxygen and ESS: a multisectorial approach aimed at improving public health in Chefchaouen Province

Carrying out isolation tests (suitable technical and acoustic insulation) on electrical and oxygen-generating equipment. Organization and…

Energia solar i oxigen mèdic a centres de salut a Chefchaouen

Azimuth O2: Solar Medical Oxygen Solutions

Contribute to the access of medical oxygen to people and children suffering from diseases with associated hypoxia. The Azimut O2 project has a…


Installation of an oxygen concentrator at Hospital Sant Joan de Déu | Mabesseneh (Sierra Leone)

Commission an oxygen generator in the Hospital’s paediatric area to help provide children suffering from a disease with associated hypoxia…


INNOWWIDE – Smart Solar Modular Container (SSMoC)

The deficit of continuous, dependable and affordable energy in rural communities affects a high percentage of the population of sub-Saharan…


Integrated assessment of the electricity system in Grenada

The general objective of the project is to improve the efficiency of the grid in Granada and increase the generation of energy from sustainable…

Consulting services for selecting, evaluating and raising awareness of Public Institutions for the net measurement of solar photovoltaics

The objective is to select and evaluate public buildings for the photovoltaic solar grid (NMPV) as part of the Renewable Energy Expansion…


Medical Research Centre and LSHTM Uganda

Until 2021, this was the largest job performed by Azimut and will allow this research and development centre to reduce its CO2 footprint. The…


Photovoltaic installation at the medical research centre in Gambia with mobile container

A transportable solution was offered. All major items (batteries, inverters, wiring, and electrical protections) are within a 20-foot marine…

mrc unido fotovoltaica gàmbia

Photovoltaic installation for the medical research centre (MRGC) of Gambia

The objectives of the project were, on the one hand, to provide the centre with clean energy and stabilise the electricity grid, which suffered…

Photovoltaic installation in a winery in Vilamaniscle Girona

The winery is in an area outside the urban area with poor power supply quality. An autonomous system with battery, supported by a diesel…


Isolated network system in Sant Feliu de Pallerols, la Garrotxa

System dimensioning and design. Installation of the complete system. Technical report of the installation.


Autonomous installation in Penyíscola, Castellón

System dimensioning and design. Installation of the complete system. Technical report of the installation.

Comunitat energètica Pinell de Brai

Energy Community in Pinell de Brai

Design of the technical and economic plan for the photovoltaic installation in the Municipal Pavilion. Assistance in the drafting of the bylaws…

Energia solar comunitat veïns barri Gràcia Barcelona

Facility for shared self-consumption in a community of owners in the Gràcia, neighbourhood of Barcelona, Camelies 83

The project was designed to generate photovoltaic electricity to supply part of the consumption of the common services of the building. The…


Cosmocaixa Barcelona bets on renewable energy

This project is based on the use of the available space. Different roofs with different inclinations and orientations.