Solar architecture comes to the Pubelo Nuevo neighbourhood in the form of a pergola

Installation of a solar pergola in a new office building in Barcelona


logo CBRE

Tasks developed:

The project has been developed jointly with CBRE (construction developers) for the custom design of a solar pergola on the roof.

Energy: This pergola is not just a shade structure. Each solar panel transforms sunlight into electrical energy, providing the building with a renewable energy source and reducing its carbon footprint.

⚡ 41 kWp of installed power

🔌 Nominal power of 36 kW

🔧 With 76 solar modules

💡 We estimate an annual production of 59,458 kWh

Added value:

Year: 2023

Current regulations in Barcelona oblige new buildings to cover part of their energy consumption with renewable energy. In the case of this building, an elevated structure has been chosen to take advantage of the passable space of the roof.

The structure of the pergola is designed not only to be aesthetically pleasing, but also to optimize the absorption of sunlight. The panels are placed at a specific angle to capture solar radiation as much as possible throughout the year and prevent its accumulation of dirt.

🍃 CO2 savings: 14,270 kg/CO2/year