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24 hours of guaranteed energy in health and biomedical research centres.

Access to sustainable energy, through clean, affordable, reliable and modern energy services, makes it easier to have health centres, hospitals, biomedical research centres and, above all, healthier lives.

Equity in health implies universal access to energy services. This access must be dependable and stable. Therefore, we offer solutions to recurring power cuts and stabilize networks to ensure a 24-hour supply.

At Azimut 360, people are our raison d ‘être; that is why we care about ensuring that health and biomedical research services around the world get the right to access to energy.

“Turnkey” photovoltaic projects

Electrification should not be a problem. We fix the frequent power cuts. We improve the quality of electricity. If it’s unstable, we stabilize it.

If there is no electricity network, you will be interested in a hybrid network to reduce and minimize diesel consumption. Guaranteeing energy prices in the face of escalating diesel prices. Clean, sustainable energy that reduces costs.


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Electrification should not be a problem. We fix the frequent power cuts.

  • We improve the quality of electricity by stabilizing the electricity grid.
  • We offer hybrid solutions to reduce and minimize diesel consumption.

This way, we can guarantee the energy prices facing the current escalation brought by fossil fuel prices.

And we do it using clean and sustainable energy.

The photovoltaic installation enables hospitals, health centres and research centres to save on the electricity bill, reduce expenses and lower their carbon footprint (CO2).

Click on the following link to see what your installation might look like.

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In 2017, our R&D section of AzimutLab developed “Oxygen” to get this drug to health centres in many areas of the world where its use could not be guaranteed until now.

The global pandemic of COVID-19 put the spotlight on the need for medical oxygen to improve the condition of patients affected by the disease. Trafficking in oxygen cylinders and their high price and scarcity meant that many centres, especially those in rural or remote areas, could not obtain them.

The oxygen engineering team is making them available as to improve patients’ health.

We design projects that integrate solar photovoltaic energy with oxygen generators to ensure this medical resource is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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  • Engineering, dimensioning and technical feasibility of installations
  • Project management and works management.
  • Energy consulting and technical audits
  • Economic and financing feasibility studies
  • Execution and commissioning of the installation
  • Financing
  • Systems digitization and monitoring
  • Maintenance and post-sales monitoring
  • Prototype research and development
  • Training and technical training of maintenance personnel

Also read about our research and development centre in Azimut Lab /Oxygen


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