Medical Research Centre and LSHTM Uganda


Medical Research Centre and LSHTM are engaged in medical research both in the UK and in various units around the world.

  • AIDS and Emerging Infections
  • Vaccines and immunity
  • Chronic diseases and cancer


Entebbe, Masaka, Kyamulibwa, UGANDA


High electricity costs and power outages, although they were not recurrent.

Tasks executed:

  • Design of photovoltaic systems
  • Economic and technical feasibility study
  • Direction and supervision of the work
  • Training and preparation of technical staff for maintenance
  • Technical support during the warranty period of the facilities

Added value:

Until 2021, this was the largest job performed by Azimut and will allow this research and development centre to reduce its CO2 footprint. The reduction in electricity expenditure has allowed them to devote more resources to staff training and to procuring new research materials. Thanks to this saving, the centre is now more competitive in research and innovation.

Azimuth solution: 470 kwp installed

Estimated annual output: 688,569 kWh/year is equivalent to the consumption of 1627 Ugandan households

CO2 savings: 124,116 kg /year