We design, install and manage solar energy systems to promote energy self-management using clean and renewable sources.

We support companies, institutions and individuals in the shift to solar. We carry out “turnkey” projects.

Industrial and Tertiary Sectors

We know that each company’s needs are different. We study your business’s power consumption needs and propose the best self-consumption solution.

We dimension the installation, design it and handle all the arrangements and permissions. We execute the installation, start it up and legalize it. We monitor and maintain it remotely. We help your company save on electricity bills and become more environmentally friendly.

We also have special financing and rental plans for each company. We process subsidies and grants to make it easier for you to make the change.

And we also offer you communication services, so you can publicize the entire process of converting your business to green energy

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Administration and Institutions

We work for public administrations transforming the energy model of institutional buildings into more sustainable systems that meet the regulations of the 2030 development and sustainability agenda.

We help institutions decrease their CO2 footprint. We provide consulting service, execute engineering projects and photovoltaic and electrical mobility installations.

We train municipal and public sector technicians in photovoltaic solar energy.

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Whether you are an individual or part of an Owners’ Association, we help you modernize your power system, so you can produce your own energy.

We advise you to turn your home into a power generating centre and thus cover your electricity consumption needs while reducing your monthly electricity bill.

All in a “turnkey” process in which you need not worry about a thing. We evaluate the conditions of your roof and make a proposal to optimize your consumption of solar photovoltaic energy.

We install chargers for private vehicles, thus promoting electric mobility.

We manage permits, subsidies and grants. We handle all the procedures and the final legalization.

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Energetic Communities

We search for neighbours, companies, municipalities and any other social agents who want to join in the transition to new energy systems. The climate emergency makes us reconsider the current energy system and promote new energy-generation and consumption models based on self-management that avoid us being forced -yet again- to rely on large energy corporations.

Join the new way of generating, using and managing energy by joining a Local Energy Community. To contribute to creating a new decentralized, fair, efficient and collaborative energy system, ask for information about your nearest Energy Community or suggest that we help create one. We accompany you throughout the process of designing, implementing and driving projects to establish an Energy Community.

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Isolated Systems

If you do not have a mains connection and you need a robust and reliable solar system, we will advise you on the installation you need.

We scale, install and take care of monitoring and maintaining the installation.

We are backed by over 30 years’ experience in the design of autonomous systems and isolated micro-grids.

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Solar Parks

Given our society’s high energy demand, and while energy-saving strategies do not meet the targets, medium- and large-scale energy generation must be clean, sustainable, decentralized and cost-effective.
Azimut 360 are specialists in Solar Parks on roofs and on land.

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