We are specialists in solar energy systems.

+ self-sufficiency + sustainability + savings

Since 2009, we have been implementing renewable energy projects around the worldto drive the transition towards a fairer, more democratic and sustainable energy model.

We are specialists in solar energy systems.

+ resources + savings + sustainability


We design, install and manage solar energy systems to promote energy self-management through clean and renewable sources.

We support companies, institutions and individuals in the shift to solar. We carry out “turnkey” projects.



We support companies in the international arena by providing photovoltaic solar energy solutions encompassing generation, distribution and consumption management.

We dimension systems, formulate proposals and execute projects in the field.

We guarantee the sustainability of long-term projects by training users and local maintenance companies.

We enable energy model change in industry and the tertiary sector, and we also develop cooperation and development projects to guarantee access to renewable energy in areas where electrification is still rudimentary.


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Azimut360, SCCL

A non-profit cooperative committed to energy transition and the design of new energy models as fundamental tools for social and ecological transformation. We work with over 20 local and international organizations; we accompany organizations, companies, communities, and institutions wishing to meet the challenges currently posed by energ , in a cleaner, fairer and more democratic way.

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There are many ways to produce clean energy…

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