Free yourself from the big electricity producers, help lower emissions and save on your electricity bills!

Shared Self-consumption

Community of Owners

Sharing electricity among neighbours and covering community consumption with solar energy is now possible!

We design and implement projects adapted to each type of roof and to the neighbours’ needs.
 We integrate the installations to the existing atchitecture to optimize the spaces and obtain the maximum production.

Equipment with 10-year warranties.
Solar-panel modules with 25-year production guarantee.


A new focus on generating and consuming Km-zero energy in your Owners’ Association.


Savings on the electricity bills as you become energy producers, gaining energy independence.


Lower CO2 footprint to mitigate the effects of climate change. Renewable and local energy boosts.

Get the most of your space

Make use of the roof or a terrace in disuse to generate your electricity.

Increase the value of your building

With new solar technologies, you revalue your homes by increasing their value by incorporating clean energy.

Make sure your building contributes to clean generation!

Shared self-consumption

With shared self-consumption, electricity is generated from the solar plant and distribution administered among the subscribing consumers. The solar panels inject the energy into the grid by passing through the net generation meter. This enables us to apply the distribution decided upon by the Community of Owners.


Because the installation makes use of a community space to install the panels, it must be approved by a simple majority in the Community of Owners Meeting.


Distribution depends on the decisions taken by each community:

  • Equally, between owners and the Community of Owners.
  • According to housing coefficients.


We have specific financing plans for Community of Owners, so we can finance projects without depending on the financial status of each person who owns them.


We process and manage all types of grants and subsidies available in each municipality.


Savings is a relative concept that depends on two factors:

The price at which each consumer pays for the electricity. Whoever pays the highest rates will save the most. But people paying at lower rates, the savings will be lower.
Consumption habits. Encourage self-consumption. People who consume the energy during the sunlit hours will save more than those who send the energy produced by the solar panels back to the grid in exchange for payment.

Single-Family Homes

+ saving + sustainability + self-sufficiency

Turn your home into a small, clean power station and start saving on your electricity bill. Your home can be more sustainable and intelligent with a solar installation you can easily monitor with an APP.

TIP : The secret for getting the most out of your installation is to consume as much electricity as possible during the hours of solar production to optimize self-consumption. The best option is to have a good nocturnal rate or install solar batteries that can extend the use of the energy produced during off-peak hours.

Equipment with 10-year warranties.
Solar modules with 25-year production guarantee

Residential Services

  • Key projects in photovoltaic solar power
  • Economic and financing feasibility studies
  • Installations, engineering, sizing and technical feasibility
  • Project management, construction management, installation
  • Execution and commissioning of installations
  • Processing of subsidies and bonuses
  • Funding by individuals and Communities of Owners
  • Maintenance and monitoring, commissioning


Energia solar comunitat veïns barri Gràcia Barcelona

Facility for shared self-consumption in a community of owners in the Gràcia, neighbourhood of Barcelona, Camelies 83

The project was designed to generate photovoltaic electricity to supply part of the consumption of the common services of the building. The surpluses are returned…

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