We think you will know more about Azimut if we tell you who WE ARE NOT:

  • We are not a big conventional installer
  • We don't work to benefit “the usual people”
  • We are not an electrical marketer
  • We do not sell low-quality products
  • We do not do standardized projects
  • We don't send the same quote to everyone
  • We don't have answering machines, or robotic ones
  • We do not install without security measures

We are motivated by what we believe in and like, we want to be professional, close and transparent. We work for a more sustainable model that is respectful of the world and people. Are we in this together?

Oh, and we’re not perfect, nor do we pretend to be. We are just a group of people who want to make a cleaner, fairer and more democratic energy model to improve your life and that of the planet.

We have been a non-profit cooperative since 2009.


We work HERE and NOW to make the world a more sustainable place:

- environmentally by transforming the energy model towards a production model based on distributed generation and renewable energies, which allows us to reverse climate change; - socially, by transforming the production model, taking and sharing responsibility amongst the workers from a cooperative approach that allows us to discredit the lives of people and puts social commitment at the centre of the economy.

We fight to de-centralize energy generation and to empower ourselves through energy self-sufficiency through renewable energies.




We want the public to be able to choose the forms of generating common electricity, and at the same time be actively responsible for it individually and collectively.

We want to involve citizens in the debate on the transition of the energy model, transforming urban spaces and homes into generating stakeholders and not just consumers.

We promote innovative uses of efficient and renewable energy technologies that lead us towards a fairer, more equal, healthier, feminist and democratic society.
 We work to guarantee The right to electrification as well as the services that derive from it, especially health and education services, everywhere. 
We spread cooperativism as a space for social co-responsibility, personal empowerment and collective transformation.

We want to be benchmarks in the areas of energy transition and the social economy both for the projects we do and for the way we do them.



As a cooperative we do focus on the point of view of self-help, responsibility, democracy, equality, equity, and solidarity because we believe in the values of honesty, transparency and social vocation.

Azimut`s Team

Natàlia Solanilla

Management Team

Mireia Gil

Head of the International Division
Management Team/ International

Moisés Martínez

Head of the National Engineering Area
Management Team | National

Maria Vivancos

Head of the International Development Cooperation Area

Governing Council / Engineering

Albert Calomarde

Head of the National Commercial Area
Governing Council

Oliver Anzizu

Head of Azimut360 Balears
Governing Council | Engineering

Dani Cadilla

Head of the International Engineering Consulting Area

Marcos Morales

Head of C&I Area

Ferran Martínez

Head of Facilities Area

Gemma Morato_azimut360

Gemma Morató

Head of Communication and Marketing Area

Francina Serratacó

Head of Accounting Area

Romina Maldonado


Éric Luna

National Comercial

Tatiana Mirza_Azimut360

Tatiana Mirza

Administration / National Legalisations

Xavi Velázquez

National Engineering

Joan Ribas

National Engineering

Guillem Hernández

Technical Office

Eloi pareja_azimut360

Eloi Pareja

Technical Office

Laura Vallejos


Borja Gómez

International Engineering

Amedeo Testori


Jordi Monge

International Engineering

Chloé Coral

Engineering / Consulting

Suraj Kumar

International Engineering

Helena Porteros_azimut360

Helena Porteros

Project Technician Cooperation | Morocco

Maria Camps

International Cooperation Technician

Nicolás Aizpiri

International Relations

Guillem G. Echerman

Responsible for Maintenance and After-sales Service

Héctor Fernández

National Installation

Souleyman Bah

National Installation

Pau Garcés

Facilities Baleares

Salvador Soler

Facilities Baleares

Zaleef Kunhamed

International Engineering

Júlia Nilton

International Engineering


Cleaning Service

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