Photovoltaic installation at the Medical Research Centre in Gambia with mobile container

Added value:

A transportable solution was offered. All major items (batteries, inverters, wiring, and electrical protections) are within a 20-foot marine container.
Walikunda is a small research centre in Gambia, in a remote area. Having a container enables energy production can be moved to a new location to perform research from another place if necessary.

The system is easy to install, as all equipment is pre-wired and pre-configured from the workshop.

Technical data:

No. of panels: 77, 390 panels. 30.03 kWp

Installed Kwh: 48V lead acid battery system. 24 x 3270 Ah OPzV cells.

Total capacity: 156.96 kWh

Estimated annual output: 43.8 MWh