Solar energy arrives to orphanage Casa do Gaiato

Task performed:

Project management

Coordination of the photovoltaic installation project

Technical Data:

Installed: 42kWp

Annual production: 72.20MWh


Added value:

Mozambique is one of the countries with the least human development in the world. The war suffered in the 90s made the situation even worse. And although in the last 10 years the country has seen an economical growth, rural areas are still in a situation of vulnerability due to child malnutrition and an alarming increase in orphaned children due to AIDS .

Thanks to funding from the German Agency for GIZ Cooperation the photovoltaic installation works in the orphanage of Casa Gaiato in Maputo have already begun. This house was founded in 1991 to offer housing to orphaned children from the Mozambique war, which lasted more than 15 years. The reception center tries to accommodate the basic needs of residents as well as providing them with an education, in cooperation with a nearby school that welcomes children from all around the area.

42 kW that will provide #electricity to the orphanage where more than 160 kids currently live. The installation will give reliability to a network that suffers frequent #power outages and will have 40 kWh #batteries support to minimize outages.

The project also aims to train the local teenagers on #solarenergy installation and subsequent #maintenance of the solar plant. It is precisely this group of young people who, under the tutelage of the technicians, is participating in the installation.

Solar energy will contribute to reducing the energy costs of the foster home and we hope that this solution will contribute, in part, to the continuity of the work that the center has been carrying out for more than 40 years.