Flexible solar panels at the fishermen’s wharf in Barcelona

Flexible solar panels at the fishermen’s wharf in Barcelona’s harbour.

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Co-funded by: European project LIFE

Added value:

One of the city’s most innovative photovoltaic installations was presented at Barcelona harbour. The installation at Moll de Pescadors is part of the LIVE BIVP (Building-integrated Photovoltaics) project coordinated by COMSA and co-financed by the European LIFE program.

29.5kWp have been installed with the aim of demonstrating solutions for integrating photovoltaic modules in buildings with complex roofs and promoting the generation of clean energy in all types of structures and buildings.

Our installers have assembled solar panels with peculiar characteristics: they are made with a light, flexible and easy-to-install organic material. These innovative solar panels have been developed by the German company Heliatek.

Tasks carried out:

  • Installation

Thechincal data:


Installed kWp: 29.5kWp

Specific annual production: 43.4 MWh/year

Total number of modul: 584 prototypes of flexible and adhesive photovoltaic panels.