From beams to chimneys: adapting challenging roofs with custom solar solutions

From beams to chimneys: adapting challenging roofs with custom solar solutions

Promoter: Sostre Cívic

Tasks developed:

o Executive project

o Faculty direction

o Installation

Technical data

o ⚡ 17.36 kWp installed power

o 🔌 Nominal power of 14 kW

o 🔧 With 31 solar modules

o 💡 We estimate an annual production of 24.920 kWh

o 🔋 10kWh battery

Added value:

Year: 2023

Mixed Self-consumption Solution

The building presents a challenge on the roof. The existence of smoke exit chimneys along the roof makes the installation of solar panels on the ground difficult, so a custom structure is needed.

It is proposed:

  • Elevated Structure on Roof: it has been ensured that the roof can support the additional weight of the solar panels, as well as wind loads and other environmental factors. This structure has allowed us to make the most of the roof area, save the chimneys, and generate shaded areas where clothes can be hung taking advantage of the existing beams. In addition, a structure has been designed to avoid obstructing smoke exits and to maintain a safe distance to prevent overheating or fire issues. In Barcelona, there are specific regulations and standards that must be met regarding the installation of solar systems in buildings. This includes restrictions on height, the distance of the panels from the edge of the roof, among others. In this installation, these regulations have been respected to ensure that the installation complies with all local regulations.
  • Mixed Self-consumption Solution: the decision was made to combine the two modalities. Shared self-consumption to distribute energy among the various dwellings and direct self-consumption to cover the building’s common consumptions. The surplus energy from this direct self-consumption is stored in a storage system that allows them to maximize solar production.

🍃 CO2 savings: 5.980 kg/CO2/year