Photovoltaic installation in a winery in Vilamaniscle, Girona

Client: Private

Tasks developed:

  • System dimensioning and design.
  • Installation of the complete system.
  • Technical report of the installation.

Added value:

The winery is in an area outside the urban area with poor power supply quality. An autonomous system with battery, supported by a diesel generator was proposed to achieve the total autonomy of the system.

Although the solar field was rather small, it has been extended as the power consumption has increased with the incorporation of aerotherm equipment.

CO2 savings: 6.85 tons/year

Technical data:

Year: 2022

1,920 kWp power

Number of modules: 6

48V nominal tubular Pb-acid stationary battery bank, consisting of 24 2V cells and capacity from 568Ah to C120.

Includes a small backup diesel generator.