Training for the maintenance and installation of photovoltaic systems at the “Fandema” women’s school in Gambia

Period: from July to October 2021

Client: Fandema


Impart advanced training courses to a group of students and trainers of the Renewable Energy installation courses of the Fandema Women’s School.

Location: Tujereng, Gambia


  • Micro-grid with 4.2 kW solar fields
  • Storage capacity of 24 kWh C100


  • Training consisting of 4 modules
  • Troubleshooting and preventive maintenance
  • Dimensioning and designing an autonomous home photovoltaic system
  • Solar water pumping systems.
  • Size, design, maintenance and communication and synchronization of integrated systems

Added value

In its drive to transform Mbolo into a centre of excellence of Renewable Energy (Solar Technology) and gender inclusion in the sector, it was necessary to make a dignified start with an advanced Solar Installation programme to provide the solar technology sector with well-trained solar operators.

These modules are unique to the solar sector in Gambia. The Fandema Women’s Development and Training Centre aims to become an innovative facility and host environmental education, inspire sustainable solutions and be a demonstration centre for renewable energy and energy efficiency. It aims to facilitate the deployment of renewable energy in Gambia to contribute to the country’s ambitions to achieve a decarbonised energy sector (from 2% of the energy mix to 40%).