Photovoltaic electrification project of the laboratory of the PHC Valentín de Pablo Bamako, Mali

Location: Bamako (Mali)


  • Ensure the laboratory devices can operate with no mains connection, as protection against power cuts.
  • Use photovoltaic power generation to reduce the electricity bill of the Primary Health Centre of Pablo Valentín.
  • Transfer the knowledge of photovoltaic installations to local technicians, so they become responsible for maintaining the installation.

Sponsor/funder: Probitas Foundation


Added value:

The project provided solution in the shape of container fitted with photovoltaic equipment at the Primary Health Centre Valentín de Pablo de Bamako to cope with the increase in electricity expenditure after installing new laboratory equipment.
Faced with this situation, we proposed to design, install and commission an autonomous system to supply the laboratory with energy. The chosen solution was a photovoltaic installation sized according to the laboratory’s consumption, with a system for storing energy from batteries and an internet monitoring system to better monitor the installation. The equipment was installed inside an industrial container to facilitate its transport if necessary.
But we also took advantage of the installation to train for a group of technicians from Bamako: in this way, we transferred knowledge while ensuring the system was maintained locally.


  • Design of the photovoltaic system and drafting of the executive technical project, in accordance with the study of the laboratory’s energy demand.
  • Negotiation procedure and purchase of the equipment and supply to Mali.
  • Purchase and shipment of the material by sea.
  • Civil engineering work carried out locally and carrying out the supports for the structures of the photovoltaic installation.
  • Design and delivery of the training course for the preventive and corrective maintenance of photovoltaic installations


Installation of the equipment and commissioning of the photovoltaic system, with the students of the course.