Training sessions on the use of medical oxygen generators continue in health centres in Chefchaouen.

In several areas of Morocco, for example in the province of Chefchauen, around 20 out of every 100 children born have some complications.

Of these 20 children, it is believed that 18 could be saved if there were more access to drugs, oxygen therapy and more medical knowledge.

The most critical factor that raises mortality in births with complications is the trip from the health centre to the hospital, during which there is no guarantee of medical oxygen and that increases the suffering of the baby and the mother.

For this reason, training has been given to 12 midwives from 5 rural health centres with the assistance of Dr. Irene Martínez de Albéniz, a paediatrician at the Sant Joan de Déu hospital and a specialist in infectious diseases. These training sessions are part of the “Training, EERR, medical oxygen and ESS project: a multisectoral approach aimed at improving public health in the province of Chefchaoen. Funded by AECID and led by Azimut360 in collaboration with the ADL AL Maghrib Association and the Chefchouen Health delegation.

In the organized sessions, topics such as nutritional aspects and infectious screening during pregnancy, basic neonatal resuscitation, problems in the recent birth and feeding and preventive activities for infants and children were dealt with.

These training courses were linked to the improvement of health centres by installing medical oxygen generators that will operate 24 hours a day thanks to the photovoltaic system that is being installed.

These days we are working with the teams from CODIBER and COANER, the local cooperatives in the province of #Chefchaouen. These cooperatives will carry out the installation work of the #plaquessolari in the 4 Health Centres in the project. The CODIBER and COANER cooperatives had already participated in previous projects with us where training was given on solar energy installations, and in this project they already act as professional service providers.

Our specialist engineers are carrying out various training courses for technicians to install the #photovoltaic system and maintain it.

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