Technical advice on standardizing processes for creating micro-networks in rural areas in Mozambique.

According to World Bank sources, in 2020 only 30.6% Mozambique’s population had access to electricity. The great challenge facing the country is its total electrification by 2030, especially of rural areas that are far from the grid.

FUNAE is the main public body in charge of electrifying the most remote and isolated areas, mostly with the implementation of micro-grids powered by renewable energy (solar photovoltaic and hydraulic). Currently, tools are needed to build and maintain the mini grids and guarantee quality standards.

In this context, our engineer and head of international area @MarcosMorales has given training to provide process-standardization tools for designing and implementing micro-grids that will provide electricity in rural areas.

This technical assistance is provided for FUNAE as part of a project led by our colleagues @Aiguasol, which also proposes the design of a digital tool to control and monitor micro-grid data as part of the DigutalEnergy Challenge for Utilities 2022 competition.