New IDAE Self-consumption Procedural Guide.

We have just brought out our new Self-consumption Procedural Guide drawn up by IDAE in collaboration with ENERAGEN. It arises from RD 244/2019 approved in April 2019 and aims to describe the procedures to be followed in the public administration and the distribution companies for the power generation facilities for self-consumption.
After the Royal Decree-Law 15/2018 and the doors it opened for measures such as the repeal of the “sun tax”, the simplification of the installation classes or the inclusion of shared self-consumption, in April 2019 the new regulatory framework was completed and approved in  RD 244/2019. This law develops the administrative, technical and economic conditions of self-consumption, introduces individual and collective self-consumption configurations, establishes a simplified compensation for monthly surpluses and reorganizes the administrative registry of the installations, among others. It covers the new modes of self-consumption: self-consumption with surpluses (with or without compensation) and self-consumption without surpluses.
The Self-consumption Procedural Guide precisely contains this new legislation and offers the 17 administrative steps to follow for each modality described, either for individual or for collective installations. These may be in private homes, condominiums or industrial buildings. The guide also contains an analysis of the steps to be taken to correctly process installations carried out before the RD or installations to be expanded. It explains the simplified compensation mechanism and will soon explain the procedures in the autonomous regions.
The Guide is aimed at the general public, but above all at companies designing and installing self-consumption systems. We encourage you to consult it, as it is a good starting point to understand and be able to benefit from the new regulation.
To access the Guide, you can use this link: