We provide renewable-electricity generation solutions based on solar photovoltaic technology.

We dimension systems, formulate proposals
and execute projects in the field.

We guarantee the sustainability of long-term projects by training users and local maintenance technicians.

We work to ensure access to energy through clean technologies, in areas of the world that are not electrified or where accessing a dependable and quality electricity supply is difficult.

Health and Energy

Since 2017, Azimut’s O2 department has been working to guarantee the right to energy and medical oxygen in health facilities (health centres or hospitals) in rural areas of Africa and the Pacific islands where access to these two essential supplies is unreliable.

Our engineering, based on integrating oxygen generation systems powered directly by photovoltaic solar energy, is favouring access to this pharmaceutical product that the WHO considers essential.

We implement Oxygen projects and train local health and technical personnel in the area to use and maintain the systems.

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Our engineering team advises other companies, multilateral and public bodies on the design, implementation and evaluation of their energy efficiency and rural electrification projects using renewable energy sources.

We assist in the design, construction (project management and installation of the solar park), testing and commissioning, operation, maintenance, monitoring, evaluation and end-user training.

We are an independent consulting company with no ties to suppliers.

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AzimutLab / Oxygen

Our R&D research laboratory is constantly working to develop new prototypes and innovative solutions for improving the projects in which we participate.

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International Development Cooperation

The purpose of international cooperation and development projects is to improve the quality of life of countries in the Global South and to promote more sustainable and equitable global development.

We work with the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID), the Catalan Agency for Development Cooperation (ACCD), Barcelona Global City and the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ).

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Our experience and in-depth knowledge of the sector has enabled us to train new technicians in Spain and abroad.

Our team of trainers prepares teaching materials and specific sessions for municipal technicians, specialized schools and maintenance workforce training. We also provide training for renewable energy installation cooperatives, people in social and work insertion processes, and many others.

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