Solar installations grid tied: feeding the grid and self-consumption

Azimut 360 has installed several network-connected systems: either to inject the generated energy entirely to the network or for self-consumption. These installations are characterized by not having any system for energy storage.



Power grid connected installation with injection of all generated energy

All the energy generated by the facility is injected into the grid and the user continues consuming the energy provided by the power network.


Installation connected to the network for self-consumption

The energy generated by the installation is instantly consumed by the user and the excess energy is sent into the grid

During the hours with no sun (night or day with clouds), the user is supplied with the energy provided by the network.

Supply availability is ensured all times, since the user can alternate between the energy generated by the installation and the energy provided by the network.

The energy surplus can be sold to the electrical grid or the installation can be limited for instantaneous consumption.


The services we can offer in the context of these facilities are:

  • Technical and economic feasibility studies
  • Preparation of basic and executive projects
  • Project management
  • Projectes Turnkey projects
  • Assistance in obtaining grants and aids
  • • Licenses and permits formalities
  • Supply of equipment and materials
  • SAfter Sale Service: preventive and corrective maintenance