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7 micro-grid stand-alone hybrid systems in Zanzan, self-managed for rural communities

Zanzan – Ivory Coast; 2012-2017

microxarxes autònomes Zanzan

Features: 7 stand-alone hybrid microgrids (210 kWp)
Location: Zanzan region (Ivory Coast)
Owner: Délégation Fondation Akwaba
Funding: EuropeAid (Energy Facility) and others
Azimut 360: Engineering, project management and support to the general coordination tasks

Improvement of participatory processes and optimization of the self-management structures of 7 solar micro-grids in Zanzan, Ivory Coast

Zanzan – Ivory Coast; 2012-2017

Micro-grid Ivory Coast International cooperation Diputació de Barcelona Azimut

Features: Strengthening and training of the technical and economic self-management strucutres of the hybrid solar micro-grids
Location: Zanzan region (Ivory Coast)
Owner: Population of the 7 rural comunities
Funding: Diputació de Barcelona
Azimut 360: Coordination

Stand-alone hybrid system in The Gambia

Fandema Center de Tujereng – The Gambia; 2012

sistema híbrid autònom Gambia

Features: 6.900 Wp stand-alone hybrid microgrid (3.000Ah – 48V)
Location: Tujereng (The Gambia)
Owner: Mbolo Association
Funding and Coordination: GEF-UNIDO and others
Azimut 360: Engineering, purchasing management, project management, execution and maintenance oversight

Stand-alone electrification system of the SJGCH in Lunsar

Lunsar – Sierra Leone; 2011

instal•lacio de plaques a Lunsa - Serra Lleona

Features: Stand-alone hybrid (solar/fuel) electric generation system 11.400 Wp (9.600Ah – 48V)
Location: Mabesseneh – Lunsar (Sierra Leone)
Owner: Catholic Hospital Saint John of God of Mabesseneh
Funding: Probitas Foundation, Social Work of Caixa Penedès
Azimut 360: Engineering, purchasing management, project management, execution and maintenance oversight

Stand-alone PV electrification system for the Akane Community – Morocco

Akane – Morocco; 2006

Installation performed by the IPADE Foundation

Akane Marroc fotovoltaica azimut 360Features: Stand-alone microgridfor solar PV/Diesel hybrid generation (5.760 Wp)
Location: Akane(Morocco)
Owner: Akane Community
Funding: Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional para el desarrollo (AECID)
Tasks performed by Azimut 360 members: Project, technical direction and purchasing management

Rural edification with PV hybrid microgrid systems in Afghanistan

Janshagal, Shemul , Waigal – Afghanistan; 2004

Installation performed by Associació M.E.S. and the Revolutionary Afghan Women Association

microxarxes fotovoltaica Afganistan azimut 360Features: One stand-alone photovoltaic microgrid (3.2 kWp/900Ah-24V) and two stand-alone hydroelectric generation systems (10kW)
Location: Janshagal, Shemul y Waigal (Afghanistan)
Owner: Different villages communities
Funding and Coordination: Agencia Vasca de Cooperación al Desarrollo, SERSO Euskalherría
Tasks performed by Azimut 360 members: Engineering, purchasing management, project management, and execution