Other technologies and unique projects

We enjoy working in tailored projects in order to fully meet the clients needs. Due to this reason, we design facilities and unique products that integrate all the technological expertise to put engineering at the customer’s service.




We developed the project, assembly the elements and supply of electrification self-sufficient pre-assembled photovoltaics. They are compact, transportable, affordable and unique for each client.


Wind turbines
If we identify the existence of wind resources at the site of a photovoltaic solar power installation, we add wind turbines as a source of energy thus producing a hybrid installation.


Biomass boilers

If you need thermal energy, an option that is ecological, efficient and quickly amortizable is the installation of a biomass boiler or stove. It will allow you to manage without oil or gas and to consume other energy sources such as pellet, wood chip, firewood or other environmentally sustainable fuels.


Cogeneration systems

DanIf you have high consumption of both thermal and electrical energy, the best solution that can be tailored to your needs can be cogeneration. A cogeneration plant simultaneously generates heat and electricity from the combustion of a fuel (gas, biogas, etc.)


Integrated systems

We have solutions to make your home a wholly sustainable house. We can regenerate electricity, hot water and cooling, integrating various technologies such as photovoltaic’s and aerothermy in order to make your home as energetically sustainable as possible. With these solutions, we get optimal utilization of the available resources.