A power microgrid is a complex system consisting of micro generators (wind turbines, photovoltaic modules, etc.) and storage systems that supply electricity to a community without having access to the electrical network.

It is important to notice that production, storage and consumption are performed locally, as opposed to the current energy model in the Western world. This ensures the efficiency of the system, as losses by energy transport are minimized from the generation site to the place of consumption.

These systems are widely used in cooperation projects in isolated communities.


The main services offered by Azimut 360 in this area are:


  • Turnkey projects
  • Economic feasibility studies and financing for the implementation of microgrids
  • Assistance obtaining grants and aids
  • Preparation of basic and executive projects
  • Construction management
  • SSupply of equipment and materials
  • After Sales Service: preventive and corrective maintenance of microgrids