International development projects

Azimut 360 is committed to cover the energy needs through the exchange and transfer of knowledge.

Internationally, we work often within the framework of cooperation projects aimed at development. In these projects we mainly play a technical role developing engineering tasks, work management and installation. The electrification provides energy for the basic services of the houses as give electricity to all the rural community through microgrids. We also are in charge of coordination tasks, and we create management models, in addition to develop the training of users and technicians to ensure the sustainability of installations in the medium and long term.



Azimut 360’s main areas of action in international cooperation are:

  • Project development and fundraising
  • Technical coordination and logistical support
  • Design, construction management and project management
  • Technical audits
  • Turnkey projects
  • Supply of equipment and materials
  • Accions de Corrective maintenance actions on site
  • On site formation and training of users and local technicians to manage and maintain the facilities
  • Distribution of autonomous portable kits

We work with a local partner in all international cooperation projects, which usually is in charge of the social aspects and project coordination on site.

We know that international cooperation is a shady world and is often a mechanism used by Western countries in order to wash their past spoliation of the Southern countries; we are also aware of how it is closely tied to the economic interests of the countries from where the aid is originated, and the conditions and counterparts that the received funds have.

Still, we do not think that we have to stop placing our technical knowledge at the service of the people involved in these projects and for this reason, being aware of the limitations and contradictions, we take special care when selecting the projects in which we participate and we aim at focusing them to empower the system users, both in terms of energy (and economic) autonomy and of raising awareness, focusing on the reduction of dependencies (at all levels) and creating local development capabilities.



In the map below you can see the locations of the different projects we have executed: